A Good Website Reflects A Good Business

I’m not going to sugar coat this, if you’re a business in the 21st century you NEED a website, so make it a good one.

To bluntly answer why your small business needs a good website, frankly, it’s a necessity.

To help you understand WHY it’s a necessity we’re gonna take a deep dive into this.

So if you’re a small business or a start-up let’s get you thinking about what your business looks like online.

What is a GOOD website?

A website can be many things from a simple brochure site to a dynamic store, but a GOOD website serves your businesses needs & pushes your brand forward.

Why is a GOOD website important?

We’re going to cover this in a lot more detail, but in summary a good website get’s your business, more business.

A Frugal Foundation

Look at your website as an investment, you need to get a return on that investment. In other words, you better make back the money you put into making the website.

Just because you’re getting a website built for you business doesn’t mean it’s going to break the bank, website’s cost as much as you make them.

What I mean by “websites cost as much as you make them” is if a website takes a lot more man power & resources due to the scope, then yes, it’ll be a big project with a big bill. But as a small business or a start-up, you don’t need a massive website & that massive bill.

The Base: WordPress

Every website should be built in some sort of system, framework or in other words a Content Management System (CMS).

This is because website’s need to be updated & there needs to be a simple way to do so, enter WordPress (WP)

WordPress is one of, if not, the largest, most popular CMS in the world. Last time I checked it was at something like 27% of websites are built on WP on the ENTIRE internet… that’s crazy!

WordPress websites can be modified for Search Engines like Google, they can be designed & changed later. WP just brings a lot of customization & ability to the playing field.

So in summary, WordPress is awesome, it’ll work for your business at the start & take you where ever your business goes!

The Draw: Blogging

On top of having a great website built on a great platform, you need to draw people to your site with a blog.

Blogging put in it’s simplest form is regular updates of content to a website. In other words when people search ‘why does my small business need a website’… well this blog post will show up on Google.

It’s a simple, affordable way of getting eye balls on your website & people to your business.

The Nail: Portfolio

On this great website of yours you’ll want to show off all of your work, and why wouldn’t you? A portfolio is a gallery or showcase of videos, images or web pages showing your past work.

Give every reason that you’re the best in your industry & PROVE it by having an overwhelming portfolio FULL of positive jobs & client relationships.

For an example of a great portfolio, check out ours over here

Street Cred

You’re the new kid on the block or maybe you’re just trying to stand out from all the noise i.e the competition. You need credibility!

For every great client you have out there singing your praises, the better your chances are of more business coming your way, right? Why wouldn’t you have an awesome website to backup what your clients are saying about you?

You want to stand out & make a difference in your space, with a powerful website in your arsenal you CAN! 

Get Found

What happens when you google your business name? Or when you search for services you provide in your local area? Do you come up on the search results? Well you better!

Having a good website that no one can find is pointless. If you’ve got a business website, get it in front of people!

You need a website that’s SEO friendly & ranks well on Google. It’s simple to achieve this, yes really, all you need is a fast website with accurate content, that’s it!

If people can find your business when they’re looking for it, find it when they are searching for your service or when they’re looking for answers, then that’s a good website!

Stand Out

So you’re gaining credibility, people are actually finding you, GREAT! Your business has got a good website, but do you stand out?

Stand out from your competition by promoting your website via social media & creating great content! Share stories from you work & engage with people.

When you go the extra effort, your business will benefit from it.

Digital Megaphone

Building a business is hard, I know, I’m trying to do it too. Building a brand? Now that’s EVEN harder!

I believe that first impressions matter & make a lasting effect. Why not make the best first impression you can?

Having a good website to impress people who find your business is a GREAT move!

Brand Credibility

We have already covered credibility, but let’s focus on brand credibility!

You want to do everything in your power to have a strong brand! Take me as an example, every client I have I make sure they’re 100% happy before a project finishes, why? One, I want to get paid haha but I want the brand I’m building to be credible! I want people thinking of my business & associating, trust & hard work-ethic.

To further this point, take a look at my website, I’ve tried to show testimonial on every page, I promote my portfolio to further add to that brand credibility!

My website is vital to me & I honestly believe it should be for every business!

Brand Trust

It’s amazes me how many businesses don’t have a website STILL! The truth is that people have less trust in businesses that have no online presence.

People expect businesses to have a website! It’s just that simple!

Bluntly, people don’t trust businesses without a website, full stop!

Brand Awareness

Get your business out there!

Final Thoughts

Your small business needs a good website, no matter the size or industry, you’re expected to have one!

Remember it’s a frugal option for you business, it’s a foundation, a tool that can grow with your business! WordPress as the core & using blogging with a strong portfolio you have a full arsenal!

Also a business website builds credibility by helping you stand out & get found! Start making your business actually different & not just fade into the background.

And your website is a brand making machine! Creating trust & building awareness, your business site is worth every penny!