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Our web support experience & knowledge sets us out on the Sunshine Coast. We focus on great web support for small businesses & startups who want professional grade web support. We love collaborating with other Sunshine Coast businesses & startups who see the power in awesome web support!

Small Business Web Support

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H2H Social Media Management's Website iPad & iPhone
Suncoast Communications Website Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone

Web Support For Startups

Support That Works

We love supporting the websites we craft to ensure the life of the site lasts. Website’s take care & maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

By regularly updating & monitoring our sites, we make sure no one pixel is out of place! We provide multiple backups both on & off the websites server so there’s always a fall back at every step of the way.

To make sure you stay up-to-date with your website we provide weekly site reports so you can easily see whats happening.

Small Business Web Support

World Class Support

Updates & Backups

Websites are like any other software, your pone for example has updates, all of the apps on that phone have updates. Websites have updates to remain secure & bring new features!

Performance & Security Checks

To keep a track of your website we regularly check the performance & security of the site. This help prevent any problems & up keeps the site so its running!

Website Reports

We want to show you the hard work we put in & so you can see the results for your self! Our website reports offer simple & understandable details so you know what's up with your website.

Web Support For Startups

Supporting Local

Aussie Attitude

At Slide Space we bring our caring, Australian attitude, when we say something, we mean it! You can be rest assured you're in great hands because we genuinely want your website up & running.


Every website we design & support, we promote through our social media, our portfolio & locally. We want your website to reflect the quality we strive for, so it's vital we ave your site looking schmick!

With the skills & tools we have at disposal 24/7, we really stand out as the proving the best web hosting for small business & startups! Using regular updates, backups, performance checks, security checks & website reporting, we create well hosted websites for small businesses & startups.