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Our web hosting experience & knowledge sets us out on the Sunshine Coast. We focus on great websites for small businesses & startups who want professional grade web hosting. We love collaborating with other Sunshine Coast businesses or startups who see the power in awesome web hosting!!

Small Business Web Hosting

Hosting Locally
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Web Hosting For Startups

Hosting That Works

We have the best local hosting to get you great speeds & keep your site running.

We use multiple levels of security layering to ensure you site stays online & is safe online. All of our websites are monitored & checked regularly so there’s 0 problems.

There’s nothing more that brings us satsifaction than crafting a beautiful website & having it load super fast our hosting!

Small Business Web Hosting

Australian Hosted

3 Second Site

Having such well built & developed websites along side our local hosting. Our sites achieve load times of under 3 seconds. This is the optimal time for both Google & people on your site.

Locally Grown

Having your business website in Australia is great for not only speeds but Google! Google loves to see a website that's for Australians, in Australia!

Safe & Sound

Our hosting is rock solid & secure so you don't have to worry. Every website we host is built & maintained by us so everything runs smoothly.

Web Hosting For Startups

Manged Cloud Hosting

Kill The Clutter

We don't use unnecessary admin software or sizey back-end plugins that will slow down your site & provide no extra value. We manage everything off server meaning all the speed & resources are to make your websites run FAST!


Keeping our web hosting servers up-to-date is vital & we do this regularly. We want your website loading fast every time! Never have a page down & always have the stats going up!

With the skills & tools we have at disposal 24/7, we really stand out as the proving the best web hosting for small business & startups! Using fast, secure & locally hosted  websites, your small businesses & startups are in the best hands with Slide Space.