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We make the best website's because we simply love what we do. Creating & building websites is our passion!! The entire process is exciting because it's never the same as the last

Web Design

Design is all about understanding & communicating the needs of the client. We love to listen to our clients so we can communicate their stories through their websites

Web Development

Good development gives good long lasting results. We make sure for every website we develop, it's 110% in order & all ready for our clients

Web Hosting

Everything comes back to good website hosting. You can have the best site, but if your hosting isn't up to scratch its highly damaging. We have rock solid hosting for all of our clients!

Web Support

We love supporting our clients & sticking around. A website needs attention due to ever changing technology. We take care of our client's sites and ensure they're always safe & secure!

Web Consulting

We learn from teaching at Slide Space. We loving helping others understand techy things & we always learn something back. So we offer our services to help your AND out business grow.

“ They did an amazing job we trusted their opinion within the boundaries and they definitely delivered. very professional and prompt with all work, would highly recommend. ”
Tristan & Allie Smith
Websites For Startups

How Do We Make Websites?

1. We
setup your website
2. We
plan & design your site
3. We
find the tech you need
4. We
Develop everything
5. We
Test it's all working
6. We
then support you & your site


With the help of our client’s and the feedback we received from them. We’ve put together these Frequently Asked Questions to help you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can help.

It’s not as simple as just picking a price. There’s a bunch of factors that come into play when pricing up a website. Size, features, integrations, design aspects etc. The best way to answer this question is by meeting up either face-to-face, phone or video call to discuss what you need.

On average approx. 4 weeks, but it really depends on the website. We work as hard as we can to get it done in a timely manner for our clients.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you have a couple of options.

We currently don’t offer marketing campaigns which would include: Content writing, on-page optimisation, backlinking strategy etc. We recommend posting to your blog as regularly as you can.

However if you’d like to go on a Google Ad-words Campaign, we’re more then happy to help you out.

We would also highly recommend using social media to help your website ranking.

Absolutely, the entire website belongs to you. We simply have set everything up for you. Obviously we’d like you to stick around so we can host & support your website, but ultimately its up to you what you want to do with it.

Yes, you are in no obligation to host with us. However we would highly recommend it for a number of reasons. We have more control, it saves time, we have extremely good performance, our hosting is highly secure. If you do host elsewhere, please be aware we won’t take full responsibility for your website EVEN if you’re on our support plan.