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Suncoast Need's A Website!

Neil & Karen from Suncoast Communications have been on the Coast for years now. They’ve done work for so many local businesses from small to large & because of that, they’ve got caught a reputable name on the Coast.

We met Karen at our regular networking event Noosa Business Connect & she expressed the need for an online presence that Suncoast has lacked for the last several years. Neil attend the next meeting & we sat down with him to talk all things ‘website’ & ‘social media’.

After learning more about Neil’s business & his experiences, we really understood what he needed for his website. But the one, main take away was “Bring Suncoast into the 21st Century”…

Websites For TelECommunication Business

The Challenge For Suncoast

So with our initial meeting out of the way, it was straight to the proposal & planning phases. We knew we needed to bring Suncoast into the modern day, but how?


Neil & Karen shared some sites they found for inspiration that was very helpful. They had plenty of good ideas & feedback for their own website. We jotted them down & added to an ever growing list of sites, keywords, images, colours etc. that was building one hell of a list.


One of the biggest problems we had, was the logo. Suncoast's logo was, well, dated. We wanted to "Bring Suncoast into the 21st century"...and the logo was making that difficult. So we spoke to Neil & got the a-okay to move ahead to get a brand new logo!!


At the end of this project we wanted a site that reflected Suncoast Communications & elevated the brand Neil worked so hard to build. It took some time & lots of man power, but this was a great project to work on!

The Process For Suncoast

We had a great starting point with Suncoast, a productive initial meeting, great client feedback, we really we’re hitting the ground running on this one. However getting the content together for the site including written, visual, testimonials etc. became quite difficult as we had a strong turn around time to finish this website.

The Solution For Suncoast

We found that we really needed to assist Karen & Neil were ever we could. That meant talking to other professionals in the tech industry for Suncoast, having in-depth conversations over the phone. We really had to go the extra mile for Suncoast, and we were more than happy too! 

The Results For Suncoast

As the project began to wind up, all the pieces of the puzzle really fell into place. The content came across & worked really well. Updating the back-end to get the site up & running went smoothly. Overall it was a great project to work on & Suncoast is a fantastic client to have.