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H2H Social Media Need's A Website!

Matthew Hooper, owner of H2H Social Media Management approached us at Slide Space to talk “websites”. As a small startup wanting to help people with their online presence, it was a perfect match for us to work together.

He expressed how important it is to have a website with good web design but wasn’t sure what he was after. With that being said, we laid out our plans & just like that, Matt was on board!

Websites For Social Media Management

The Challenge For H2H Social Media

Matt new the importance of a website, but just really didn’t know his direction he wanted to go in.


Understanding other professional Social media manager websites was very important & connecting his brand to the site was crucial


Clearing the path for Matt so he knew what we were going for so he could assist where he needed


Have a effective tool for his business that represented his brand identity perfectly

The Process For H2H Social Media

The main thing was flushing out Matts true brand & sticking to that. H2H Social Media is all about being human & taking the human approach. That was priority to convey via the site.

The Solution For H2H Social Media

We bridged the problems by using warm colours & welcoming typography. Using motion of people evokes that human element we were wanting to portray.  

The Results For H2H Social Media

Now H2H’s site fits the overall brand & identity perfectly. Matt was extremely satisfied with the end product & everything worked out great!