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Candid Advisory Need's A Website!

Matthew Dunn, owner of Candid Advisory approached us with a problem that needed solving. He’s small accountancy firm had no website. He has been telling his clients that having a website is vital to their business, but he wasn’t walking the walk. 

So he called us & we got to work asap! With past attempts to get a website made for his business, we wanted it to be as painless & easy-going for him as possible.

This was a fantastic project to work on & both Candid Advisory & Slide Space couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

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The Challenge For Candid Advisory

After talking over the phone & getting to know Matt, we gained a concrete, well-rounded view of Candid Advisory’s brand identity. However the real kicker was conveying that effectively on the website!


With much experience & knowledge of the industry, Matt brought great site examples & other inspirational material to assist us with the research & discovery phase.


The biggest obstacle with the project was really capturing the combination of Matt's lifestyle & Candid Advisory's business message. Then displaying it simply via the site.


At the end of this project the real goal was to accurately portray Candid Advisory in a simplistic, approachable & understandable way.

The Process For Candid Advisory

Back in the beginning of this project, we extensively spoke with Matt & bounced ideas around. Matt brought a lot of experience & ideas he wanted implemented. This was all about the design & content! We knew it was vital to work closely with Matt to get it to his liking.

The Solution For Candid Advisory

Using the current branding & brand identity for Candid Advisory, then comparing it with other industry material, we really understood what direction the project needed to head. After much sketching & planning it was time to take development. 

The Results For Candid Advisory

Well the results speak for themselves we think. Toward the end there was plenty of revision’s & elements that got tweaked, everything had purpose & ultimately worked. We’re really happy with the final product & Matt is a fantastic client to have.